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ID: c4de7 No. 458

So I put in the order for La Bocca Della Verità – The Mouth of Truth, which I have been looking at since I began looking into onaholes.

Never really was into mouth onahole. Should arrive in couple of days. Everywhere I looked, this item was highly recommended.

However I don't see much of caution to be taken with this item though. How's cleaning and durability for this one? Does the lube stay in the mouth well or does it drip out?

ID: 9e76f No.459


cleaning is ok just rinse and use your finger, it lubes well as it's loose at the entrance and doesn't drip out.

The toy is incredibly immersive and definitely does feel similar to getting head but your expectations should not be to having the same types of feelings as a regular hole from shaft to head as there is no constant grip/texture for the first half but instead a light cling of the teeth which feels authentic and nice.

The toy is a must have but not a daily user

ID: 4eeb3 No.466

I got mine today and tried it out. It really is different from onaholes I have tried so far. While it does feel good, I did not enjoy as much as I had hoped due to the teeth. I'm just average but I was extremely bothered by how much it scraped against my shaft. It got to the point that I had to turn in 90 degrees due to irritation multiple times.

I'm thinking about removing the teeth. It's preventing me from enjoying the toy. It really is not a daily user.

ID: b934e No.467


Instead of removing the teeths, I softened the edges which helped greatly. The sharpness of the teeth before was very unrealistic and ruined the session… Maybe mine was sharper than normal.

ID: 007ad No.469

My Mouth of Truth got in yesterday. I used it last night for the first time. I put in a little bit of lube and then put my warmer in it to let it warm up.

I imagined I was a hire mercenary sent to go slay an evil sorceress in her tower (to help pass the time while the onahole warmed up). I fought my way through legions of her conjured armies and finally got to her but her magic was too powerful. She bound me and instead of killing me she decided that she was going use me for her spells. One of which required the semen of a powerful fighter.

So then I used the mouth of truth and WOW. Seriously. this is the best onahole I've ever used so far. It felt like a realy mouth. I literally started laughing. LAUGHING!!! It felt so real that I was in shock and couldnt help by laugh. The combination of not using too much lube, using the warmer while it was lubed and quality of the hole. Seriously the best one yet. I've purchased the Gimmick vagina hole, some anal hole and a crappy mouth hole that didnt feel like anything (the other two were pretty good though).

I also have Rina vagina hole which I haven't yet but might try tonight. but holy hell. Everything about the mouth of truth is perfect. The teeth and all.

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