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Looking to buy my first onahole, I was looking at the onahole 17.
Anyone have recommendations or advice for a 5 inch long first time onahole buyer?

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ID: 76a12 No.463


Rina is perfect for a first hole.
When using lube you want to reduce friction only so apply a small amount to yourself and the hole otherwise you will essentially be fucking the lube instead of the textures. If I use too much lube I usually find that after about 5 minutes the onahole suddenly feels far better than at first as the lube dries/thins out.

If you are going to go hands free then find or make a mount that doesn't grip or constrain after the entrance of the hole for the same reasons outlined above. Once you get your balance right then you're in for a treat.

I would recommend the original Rina and a mouth of truth, the loli holes like lolinco or admission will just crush your dick even at 5 inches and you must be hard as a rock to use them, I don't like my admission or lolinco but they do give far more stimulation to the penis at the expense of losing out on what I feel is a more enjoyable longer session

ID: aa3b3 No.464

Alright, thanks guys!
It also happens to be the least expensive of the 3, so I'm pretty content with that :)

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