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I'm nervous about receiving an onahole through the mail, so I was wondering whether they were typically sold in sex shops, preferably in the Seattle area. Also, what kind of markup would they get in such a store?

ID: 39407 No.465

You probably wont find japanese onaholes in any local shops. For the most part they carry american made holes which almost always have a real strong smell and arent all to impressive. It would be best to just order one. If your parent arent people who go through your boxes if they show up and you are not around you should be fine. Shops like en-nls will label it as whatever you want if you add it in the note section during checkout. And the boxes are very plain and dont leave anything to be implied.

ID: dba26 No.468

Amazon now carries onaholes now. Just couple months ago, they didn't and my first toy was American and it was not fun and smelly and not as asthetic.

If you live in US, make amazon account, sign up for amazon prime trial. You can have it shipped to one of local amazon lockers in your area. I have never tried this method before since I ship them directly to my house because no one is home during the day and I can track the shipping.

Amazon prime will give you 2 day free shipping for a month so you can get them on a timely manner.

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