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I'd like to order a few items from NLS, but I'd like to avoid payments showing up in my bank account records. Does anyone have experience with how this works? Typically PayPal payments will show up in my bank account with the name of the vendor, e.g. "PAYPAL INST XFER BANDCAMP WEB ID: XXXXXXX" or something. Is the vendor name sufficiently obfuscated (i.e. some boring-sounding name)? Or, if I load enough money into Paypal beforehand, will that keep the charge from showing up in my bank account records?

I ordered from ToyDemon before. That was a bad decision; TD is super overpriced ($43 for the Seventeen Bordeaux vs. NLS' $25?!). The only good thing was that they accepted Bitcoin. Amazon was good too, since it of course just has a payment to Amazon and nothing about the vendor. Not sure what to do here, though.

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With card payment through Paypal, the record shows PAYPAL 2 4 B M O O N S ← I add spaces here to avoid unwanted search engine indexing.

If you want to avoid bank account records, then just wire some money to your Paypal account and get the order paid with it :) Either way, Paypal has complete records (including what shop, what products, what price, what shipping address, what billing address). "KYC" and anti-money-laundering regulations.

As of recently, NLS has no plans adding Bitcoin payments. But ask for them to add payments through processors like BitPay or Coinbase, Japan is turning quite warm to Bitcoin economy, it has significantly less fees than Paypal and prevents the risk of chargebacks.

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I see, thank you!

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