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I have several questions regarding the USB onacon.

Is it good? The main gimmick is the usb connection and the program it comes with. I've read some reviews where it's a bit slow to respond and doesn't respond to how hard you thrust but the finish feature makes up for it.

Another issue I've found is that the onahole it comes with is not replaceable or so it seems. I don't see any replacement product that can be purchased on nls. Has anyone successfully replace their USB onacon?

I'm mainly interested in it because I can fuck an anime girl on my computer. But would like to hear other reviews.

ID: 0208b No.482

Well, decided to buy it anyway because I had some disposable income. Will report back on what its like when I get it.

ID: 527ca No.485

Oh cool :) I hope you don't have too much problems installing the software though..

ID: ba18f No.486

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Perhaps it's a little too late to say this but there is another similar product called "Custom Maid 3D" that is very similar to 3D Custom Girl. This version has more functions than 3D Custom Girl. It also seems possible to link the Oculus Rift to it for added realism. Just thought you might want to know.

ID: 527ca No.487

Yes Anon, I made a post to preview these two: https://blog.onahole.eu/game-controlling-onahole-the-future-is-not-yet-now.html

Sadly since then, the Ju-C Air controller got discontinued :(

ID: ba18f No.488

Well that sucks, though I have a feeling they'll come out with a new one later on.

ID: 3dbae No.683

I recently bought the USB Onacon and cant install the software correctly, (although it was running once the 3d Custom Girl didntresponsed to the Onacon, I even tried a Flashgame to use it. That too didnt responded… )

I`m so sad, I waited so long for it, is it broken ??
Did anyone of you had Problems similar to this ? :(
Can someone of you help me ???

ID: 8bfae No.801

If it doesn't seem to be working have you tried changing your windows locale to Japanese? You have to do this to run most Japanese software.

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