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Hi everyone, thinking on buying my first onahole and I'm seeing a lot of em without a cervix, which I'd really like to be present, [spoiler]it's a fetish[/spoiler], but not necessary. Ideally I'd like a cervix that I could bump at while using the onahole and thrust inside if enough force is applied. I'm looking to spend up to 15 dollars so if there are a lot better ones in the same price range without one then that's fine too.

so far Virgin Age ~ admission, the Ayase onahole and Open My Pussy! series onaholes caught my eye, with all of them having good reviews.

Any other suggestions?

ID: 35a1e No.500

The one onahole where you best feel sliding through the cervix is Eroman ( https://blog.onahole.eu/eroman.html )

And since it's big it gives a hell of good vacuum when letting the air out before. The bumps make it quite stimulating. As a first onahole ? Should be okay.

15 dollars is a bit low though. Points to Bangee Shake, Ju-C PUTI2, that immortal Kirino and Ayase parody onaholes, Virgin Loop, Bumpy Sisters, .. watch out for shipping and extra lube supply !

ID: 640c1 No.501

what about something that you can bump at rather than entering easily, like Puni Virgin, Ubu Virgin, Ubu real or the Open My Pussy! ones?

I guess I could spend up to 20 bucks, since I'm not seeing a lot of onaholes with a cervix at a lower price

ID: 35a1e No.502

Open My Pussy Rina, then :)

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