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ID: 89f5c No. 498

I just tried the Seventeen Bordeaux, and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I found it very low-stimulation, compared to another onahole I had purchased previously (picture attached). Generally I had to stroke vigorously through the length of the onahole to receive sufficient stimulation. Of course the bumps/etc. on the Bordeaux are much less prominent, but I expected that moving from some random onahole to a 100%-reviewed one would blow my mind, and it didn't really. That being said, there were some moments where it felt quite good (in a subtle kind of way); it's just hard to describe why. I guess I'll have to do some more testing and see what I think after that. Maybe I'll get an Admission as well.

I'm wondering if there's anything I'm doing wrong. First of all, I'm not using a USB warmer (though I plan to buy one); I just put it in hot water beforehand, but it seemed to cool down very quickly, maybe because it was floating on the surface rather than immersed in the water. I didn't really notice the effect of the warming. Is this important?

How much lubricant should I be using? I used a couple drops of Golden Lotion, and then tried the Moisty+ lube that was included. There was 20 mL; I used maybe 2 mL (just a large drop, really). That seemed to be enough to coat the onahole fairly well and I didn't feel any irritation.

I think I'm using the suction stuff right (just squeezing the onahole before insertion), but it doesn't seem to be doing much for me (again, I'll have to do a little more experimentation to be sure).

The Seventeen Bordeaux also seems quite long. My penis is around 5" to 5.5" erect; I was basically bottoming out in the previous onahole, but I'm not even close on this one (unless I push it down so hard that the length is compressed). Hell, it's so long I can't even clean it with one finger; I have to stick 2-3 fingers in and really reach deep inside to clean out the bottom. Am I supposed to be bottoming out, or does it not really matter?

Are there any other accessories or procedures that you find are essential? My impression is that the other stuff (smells, dolls, etc.) described in the pastebin FAQ aren't really too important.

Finally, regarding the A10 Cyclone SA: price aside, would you say it's miles ahead of regular onaholes (e.g. since you already own it, you'd want to use it almost exclusively)? I'm considering buying it, but I don't really want to waste money on something unless I know it'll be a definite improvement.


ID: 96361 No.499

Seventeen Bordeaux is around for quite some time now, while it still sells quite good I think it should be regarded as "end-of-life" since improvements in materials appeared meanwhile :) At the time, it was one of the best indeed, compared to the stuff I got until then.

Warming the onahole makes a quite big difference for me but only in the first minute or so: after, your penis heats up the onahole. Lube amount should be good. Bottoming out doesn't matter :)

Seventeen Bordeaux has a quite gentle stimulation with all the little bumps, but to me what's best is that wavy shape, alternating tight/loose feeling on the glans. I recommend you making long slow strokes, taking your time and feel the orgasm building up :)

Virgin Age Admission is tight, really tight. I often use it first because when going for a "second shoot" I'm not hard enough to be comfortable with it. It's much more stimulating but has less vacuum effect. Doesn't matter, it's well tight enough already :) Recommended.

A10 Cyclone SA is really different from regular onaholes. Of course it depends on the attached onahole you use, but the stimulation is pretty lower. On the other side, you're not the one playing with your penis so it really messes up your mind. Adding to that watching porn that physically stimulates you in sync with the on-screen action.

But I don't use it exclusively, too lazy for all the setup (booting up the laptop with Windows 10, unboxing the stuff, connecting the cord, starting the Vorze, putting the Bluetooth adapter, checking connection, starting the player, loading the files, somehow gaining a boner so I can insert inside, enjoying the ride, cumming twice or more, disconnecting all the stuff, taking out the sleeve, cleaning the sleeve, …).

Since there is not much available CSV yet, you end up using the same porn over and over again, so I'm afraid it gets boring too quickly if you use daily. I wouldn't recommend unless you have plenty onaholes to vary with, and really wanna try something different :)

ID: 89f5c No.503

Ah, I see. Thanks for all the advice!

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