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Hello, i just bought this onahole, it's the first one i have (actually i had a tenga, but was fake, and lasted a couple days, with fungus and shit)

I have a couple questions
- What the fuck did i buy?
- It is legit? bootleg?-
- Who's the the girl on the box?
- I used it 3 hours ago, washed with water and dryed the most i could with toilet paper.
- Don't have disinfectant
- What do
- It cost me around 30-35 bucks from a chinese sexshop (most ones are around 20 bucks, but they look bootleg as hell, this one was the most decent one.
- toys-sekai.jp gives 404 and .com gives a registered user access only.
- Read a lot of faqs and guides here, i don't have microfiber cloth, will water + soap + towel or toilet paper´+ talcum suffice for this?
- when i open the plastic coverage it had a lot of air inside, and something like talcum around.
is this proof of good quality product?
- is this model foldable? i broke my Tenga the first time, i am afraid to open it to clean.

Thanks in advance and sorry my crap english

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File: 1380855297377.jpg (44.73 KB, 500x500, 20110901-geki.jpg, io e g t)

welp, replied myself
seems it's a bootleg


the box is quite different

is this safe?

ID: 57751 No.55

Indeed, looks like pretty well crafted bootleg. A few hints: the package costs less when it doesn't have the little "window" on the side. Even then, I don't think any maker would change it's product in this shape when the main argument is the "see-trough".


I don't expect a counterfeit shop to also sell originals. Using it is up to you, but I would suggest extreme caution: even the original is pretty "old" and since then makers did significant enhancements in onahole materials.


Water + soap + towel + baby powder, that's very good. But again: yours isn't trustworthy. Better choose new stuff, guaranteed from Japan :)

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