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ID: 183d7 No. 506

Hey guys, so I'm looking for single-layered onaholes similar to Seventeen Bordeaux, with low stimulation and good suction (great cervix too if possible). I own Virgin Age: Administration, and Shimetan (The tight version), and I like them really much, but I would like to experience single-layered, low stimulation onaholes with good suction this time around. I've heard many good things about Bordeaux but one thing holding me back is the durability. So I'm asking you guys, the experts, to tell me which onaholes that are similar to Bordeaux but with a single layer. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon. Cheers!

ID: b0c66 No.507

File: 1420591715571.jpg (21.9 KB, 290x290, 1_1411006825_m_wBb87.jpg, io e g t)

Single layer, low stimulation but suction ? Love Girl, maybe ? :)

ID: 183d7 No.508

Thanks for the suggestion, man. I was thinking of Nurse's Uterus as it seems to have good suction plus the material clings onto your thing well. So what's your take on this? Will it do the job as well as Seventeen Bordeaux or Love Girl?

ID: b0c66 No.509

Nurse's Uterus stimulates just a bit less than Seventeen Bordeaux :) And maybe it's too short for proper suction.

ID: 183d7 No.510

Ah I see. So length does matter when it comes to suction. lol Alright, I think I might go with Love Girl after all. Thanks so much for helping me out, man. I've been following your review and this board for quite some time now. Keep up the great work! :)

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