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ID: 761f5 No. 513

Hello guys. I've been browsing around for a few days and it's finally time to make my first purchase.

I have narrowed down to the following holes:
- Puni Virgin / Ubu Virgin
- Virgin Age: Admission
- Eroman
- Shimetan
>pic related

I plan on buying just one of them, for now. Which one do you recommend for a complete beginner?

And about Puni Virgin / Ubu Virgin, is Puni really that much better to justify the price increase? It could be better to get the Ubu instead, + an additional onahole from the list for the same price.. What do you think?

ID: 3100c No.514

Puni has more "flesh" but the price is a bit bad :(

Ubu Virgin seems a good choice for a beginner.

ID: 761f5 No.515

OP here
I see, thanks! What's exactly the advantage to fleshier / heavier onaholes? Are both durable?

ID: 3100c No.516

It's more brain: since you feel less rubbing with your hand since there's more rubber between your hand and your penis, your brain is fooled in thinking you're not masturbating ;)

ID: 87ed9 No.517

Cool, thanks bro :)

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