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ID: a89d0 No. 519

So I bought Rina from the Open my Pussy! series,my first onahole, but before I get started, how would you recommend I clean it after uses?

ID: bede0 No.522

Just go to the bathroom, and dump the sperm inside in the toilet by squeezing it from top to bottom, you might need to push with one finger from the top. Once that is out of the way, with water and your fingers get all the rest, until there is nothing sticky inside. I really don't recommend turning it inside out, since the inner structure may get damaged. So just use your fingers, and clear it a few times with water, and a quick cleaning with water from outside. No need to use soap unless you left the onahole for +1 day resting with all the sperm and lube inside, which is not very recommend it (altough I always do it). Then, with a normal towell clean it outside, and buy a small and very thin towell to clean the inside, it's important that the inside is as dry as possible, so just use your finger and the small towell around it, shove it inside and move around. That is how I've been doing it :P

ID: aecd9 No.528

how about cleaning hips? I thought about getting one for awhile but the idea of cleaning one is really a really big con on the list.

ID: 09ec7 No.529

Must have an opening ! Either open on the other end like Puni Ana DX, or a pussy/ass "loopback" like Open my pussy Cocolo

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