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ID: a5ac0 No. 520

Hey guys, so I've read around and become interested in the NLS Original Onahole (picture to the left) and Seventeen Bordeaux. I'm thinking of buying either one of them as my first onahole. So my questions are:

1. Which one has more subtle stimulation for long masturbation?
2. Which one has better build quality or is more durable?

Thanks in advance, guys! :)

ID: f4a54 No.524

As I can see, both are double layered onaholes, and with strong type of double layer. I had bad experiences with double layered onaholes, they were way too hard and thin that my dick hurt, I couldn't keep my erection inside. Some people like them, but I don't recommend them at all, maybe you'll like them, but for the first onahole I recommend something more "light", try looking for something more soft. Recommendations would be:
Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory
Secret Twin Tales (Sana Sasakura)
Girl in the Box
R20 (only if you have a big penis)
Girl's (i)
My Big Brother is a Pervert

Those are onaholes that I own, are soft, and I like. Hope it helps, be sure to get lube too, is really important, get 2 bottles if you can if you won't buy too often. Pepee Wankers 360 is a great one, Peace's is horrible.

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