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ID: e6150 No. 521

I already own a few onahole, but I'm looking for a new purchase I'm looking for something nicely stimulating/sensation, don't care about realism. Looking around 20-30 bucks preferably. Any suggestions?

I currently own
Mouth of Truth
Virgin Age Admission
Slut Announcer

ID: 79eba No.523

I got yesterday "My big brother is pervert" and "Virgin Push" from NLS, I tried them one time and I loved them, specially the first one, but I can't really recommend them until I try them for at least 2 weeks, but if you got some bucks extra, get them.
Most of my onaholes do not have a strong stimulation, but you might try Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory. The new R20 mini might be good too, I had the big one, but it was too big for me, but I think this one will be good.

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