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ID: 419ae No. 530

So which should I go for?

I want one that gives the best stimulation and most realistic feel

ID: 232e1 No.531

IMO… *head turns to Rina*

ID: 5a6b3 No.532

I've read Rina's edge is the suction. Which one is more realistic in your opinion?

ID: 232e1 No.533

I don't know ^^ And women having different vaginas…
Don't focus too much on how "realistic" an onahole is, "real" doesn't mean "best" :)

ID: c0e6a No.534

I'll probably go for roa. Thanks. You might wanna check out the new magic eyes onahole. Its 2.4 kg and worth around 9k yen. I think it's their high end product and the reviews on amazon look great

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