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ID: 0256a No. 535

Best lube?

My products are the magic eyes roa and mouth of truth.

Also, can I let them soak in hot water to warm them up?

ID: 25b46 No.536

In order of preferecne:
Pepe Wankers 360
Pepe Exciting
Ag Lotion Nano

I haven't tried it myself, but yes, according to AkaiHebi you can.

ID: 49eef No.537

Here I am !

For onaholes, only warm water. If it's too hot for your hand, then it's likely too hot for the TPE, resulting in modified shape. And boy doesn't want his good onaholes melt to an useless blob ;)

ID: 4fea9 No.543

For Mouth of Truth, wouldn't a specialized saliva type lubricant be best?

ID: 4c643 No.545

Delusion versus Usability, IMO :) Lovely Girls' Drool dries very fast

ID: 6f566 No.553

File: 1423671301035.jpg (22.19 KB, 400x300, 1_1168426332_m_02_top.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 4fea9 No.556

Looks really thick.

ID: 6f566 No.559

I personally prefer thick types. I've been using this lube with my Girl in the Box hard edition and it feels good man. Also, it's not overly stringy like Pepe & other similar lubes. It washes off easily too.

ID: ae1e3 No.575

Warm water works fine for warming up. I would highly recommend getting a USB warmer, however.

Without warming up, there's a brief moment of cold during insertion, which can be a bit awkward-feeling. This will go away after a few seconds as you warm up the material with your dong. If you warm it in warm water, you can bring it to roughly skin temperature at the beginning, which is good.

However, with a USB warmer, you can bring it up to above skin temperature, so that there's an intense warming sensation when you insert your dong. It's /very/ pleasant - if you've ever put on a t-shirt right after warming the inside with a blow dryer, or right after it's out of the laundry and still warm, it's a similar sensation. The warmth goes away within a few seconds, but it's still enjoyable enough that I'd highly recommend a USB warmer if you think you'd like it.

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