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ID: 65c4a No. 540

After browsing and reading the blog I've decided to buy this onahole.

This will be my first onahole purchase and I'd like some advice on what lube products and cleaning kits are reliable and which site can stealthily ship to the US.

Thanks in advance.

ID: 65c4a No.541

The onahole I mentioned was Virgin Age ~ Admission

ID: e5eea No.542

I buy all my things from NLS:
Lubricant choice can really change how an onahole feels. I recommend experimenting with different types, but this should be a good standard one:
You can just use soap and water to wash it, but I like to use this specialized cleaner:
And dry it off with a microfiber cloth to keep it lint-free:
Then rub some baby powder on the outside to keep it from getting sticky:
And leave it in a breathable bag to let the insides dry:
You could also get one of these to warm up the insides before use:
Or just let it soak in warm (not hot) water.

ID: 4fb3b No.544

I approve NLS for Admission and the shipping is discreet.
But I have a mild worry about Admission being your first onahole :o It's really tight, so make sure to be rock hard before using it !

And take your time, the new sensations could be overwhelming ^^
Some stuff to read: https://blog.onahole.eu/about/#start
.. and tell us how your first step into the onahole world was :D

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