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ID: 17910 No. 549

So can I get opinions on this onahole. It has no comments on NLS so I just wanna know if anyone has gotten it before and if it was worth getting. Also, even if you could just help me identify which company made it and give a general background on the company's history with onaholes. Here's the link: http://en-nls.com/pict1-34864?c2=9999

ID: 43ef4 No.551

RIDE Japan is the maker. Has made some good stuff (Bangee Shake), and some less-good stuff. No opinion about that particular onahole, aside that I like the loli ^^

ID: 17910 No.552

Thanks for the info. I'm actually considering getting it so I just wanted to know how good it might be based on the maker. Thanks again.

ID: 83f3c No.561

It seems like an odd onahole, but…
If I had the money, I'd buy it!

Is it your fist one? I'd give it a try~

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