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What do you powder your onahole with? I've only been using the powder supplied with my toys, and now that they're running out I'll buy some more. Is plain ol' cheapo talc fine, or do I need to get fancy powders like pictured?

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There are also ones meant to be used with American-type masturbators like the Fleshlight. I don't know if they'll degrade Japanese onaholes. This particular one is made of purified cornstarch

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I just use talc, but the one in that picture is supposed to be antibacterial. I don't really trust cornstarch since the bacteria could probably use it as food and multiply (it's made of corn!).

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Yeah, the powder in the first post is a special Magic Eyes powder with zinc & silver ions. They have a whole new line of "Open My XXX" themed onahole cleaning products.

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I actually had that stuff in my most recent order from NLS and just received it! The powder bottle is a bit smaller than I imagined… I think I'll stick with baby powder since it's cheaper, smells nicer, and it's sold everywhere. The spray is nice so I think I'll continue to use that. As for the cleaner, I still prefer Ona Clean (http://en-nls.com/pict1-27929). That stuff also has silver ions, but not the zinc and copper (although I wonder if it actually makes a difference since they all seem to function on the same principle… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligodynamic_effect). I didn't try the lube because I was a bit worried about exposing myself to infection after reading a review of a similar product: https://blog.onahole.eu/ag-lotion.html

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Thanks for the input, I was considering the new product line for purchase.

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