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ID: b2edc No. 568

I'm thinking about buying my first onahole.
However, I'm a goddamn hardcore monster fetishist and can't stop thinking about one of these two.

Hunter Girl Series (I want the second, red one) - the price seems okay to me, but I'm not sure about the sensations and durability.

MELT - I've seen some bad opinions about it's durability, the price worries me a bit, but it seems (IMO, but honestly I have no idea) to have better textures than the previous one.

Is it a good idea to buy one of these as a first onahole, or should I rather think about something different?
If it is, which one should i choose?
If not, are there any other good "monster themed" onaholes you would recommend?
Or maybe it's better to stop thinking about my fetish for now and buy something completely different?

ID: 95419 No.569

File: 1424012501880.jpg (105.23 KB, 640x345, fappynew_kon.jpg, io e g t)

To be honest, I'm not sure i'd recommend the MELT. I have something with a similar texture which is really firm, so I wouldn't really recommend it unless you already know you like high stimulating ones. Maybe you should go with the Hunter girl series. May I suggest you try "Wet Meiki SHIN" https://en-nls.com/pict1-33448?c2=12001126 or "Wet Meiki Monster G" https://en-nls.com/pict1-28049?c2=12001126. I have both, but I prefer Wet Meiki Shin because its got more "filling" around it. I may be biased since I prefer dual layer onaholes, but anyways thats my opinion ~.~

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