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Hey guys, I noticed that nobody has done a review for the "Puni Hole DX" yet so I've decided to do one myself.

Now for starters, this isn't your regular "onahole" but rather an "onahip". This particular model was made by eXe, and is not as large as other hip-holes. The added weight and size definitely makes the whole experience overall better and more realistic but its still small enough to be considered a "loli" hip. The best way to describe the material for the "skin" of this onahip is a soft but firm variation of the material from the Tsurupetta, but a little more firm. A few things to note about this onahip is that it has a small orifice in the back which makes cleaning a breeze. Of course, this means that there won't be much suction going on, and it could also leak from the top. Though this could easily be fixed by plugging it up with something (I used a piece of dual-layer from my decaying kana onahole). This is a single layered toy, which means its not as pleasurable as dual layered ones but it will last longer. Another feature of the PHDX is that it comes with both a vaginal and an anal hole. Both holes have different textures, with the vaginal hole having small nubs and the anal hole having larger waves. The vaginal hole is indeed tighter than the anal one, which immediately makes it my "preferred" hole as it has more stimulation. I would describe the stimulation as a high mild sensation. The closest feeling I could relate it to is like a fleshier but tighter version of the 17 Bordeaux. Its larger size would mean that it should fit most without too much trouble (I'm 5,5 and I couldn't reach the end, lol). Oh and for those of you that are into cheeks, they feel quite nice in the palm of your hands. Since its a hip style onahole, all you really need to do is thrust and enjoy. Although it will make some noise as you're using it. All in all, its a pretty good buy with plenty of good points. I don't have any other onahips to compare it to, but the fact that its made by eXe should be good enough. It comes in a box with loli artwork, which includes the hip itself, a bottle of lotion and a CD with even more (censored) loli artwork. I made my purchase with NLS and even though the shipping fee was quite hefty, I still think it was worth it. I'd give it a 4/5 rating because while the insides are good ,it could still feel better.

I'd recommend it for a starter onahip for anyone looking to get a hip style onahole because of its ease of use and multiple features.

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Any chance you could upload the CD's content for us, please? If it's more widespread, we might be able to get people to uncensor it.

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lol, wasn't expecting that. BTW, for those of you living in an area with strict rules (like CAN), it may be safer to have it shipped without the box (and CD) because of the loli themed art. (They didn't open mines, but they did confiscate an item from one of my other shipments.)

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