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Is there anything maintenance wise I should know about the Mouth of Truth before using it?

How hard is it to clean and dry underneath the tongue?

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Be sure to put baby powder on it after washing the toy as the outside can get rather sticky feeling after a couple of washes. Only put it on the out side!

Cleaning around the tongue can be a pain to be honest same for around the teeth because it constantly feels like I am going to break the teeth from the rubber that holds it/them in place. Especially when cleaning between the lips and the teeth. Be careful around the tongue on the bottom as it does have a thin piece of fleshy like rubber that acts as that part under your tongue when you look in the mirror and stick your tongue tot he roof of your moth and look under it… No idea on the actual name of that muscle/organ lol.

i do find warming the mouth up before hand with either a usb warmer-wand or a heating pad set to either low heat or high if you check it every 5-10 minutes really makes it a lot more enjoyable. The two lube's I ahve used with it don't seem to work well with being warmed up and become very water like whne they do start to warm up For thsi toy that really ruins it as the teeth need a lube that will 'hold' together and stay thick in my honest opinion.

Note that if your 'tool' isn't used to either rough handling and such I would recomend not doing full strokes with it as it can cause major irritation along your shaft and definitely don't twist it while stroking if you do. Small thrusts and rotating the back end of it once it's fully seated on you can be truly amazing. Especially the short thrusts as theres a small tight section in the back that feels awesome when your head pushes through it repteadly.

Can also use long strokes of it to calm your self before blowing into it in order to make the experience last longer as the slight pain/tingling/sensation? What ever is usually enough to bring you down from 'almost there' to 'Were good, keep going!' feeling.

Also for drying recommend an old t-shirt or a microfiber cloth if you have one… Old t-shirt is just easier to come by and easy to dry and easily reusable hehe. Little more lint from this option i guess but oh well.

ID: 0c354 No.573

Hi. Thanks your advice.

>same for around the teeth because it constantly feels like I am going to break the teeth from the rubber that holds it/them in place

I totally understand what you mean know. I'm being really careful since it seems like I may accidentally become a dentist and pull them out.

>Note that if your 'tool' isn't used to either rough handling and such I would recomend not doing full strokes with it

It took me a few minutes to get use to it but after that I was able to do full strokes very pleasurably.

ID: 74496 No.574

Ah, glad it helped even if it may have been late/slow heh!

Yea. them teeth make one rather cautious but they seem to handle rough handling fairly well so far. May depend on if you get one with good molding around the teeth or not though from what I have read across the internet Magic Eye's products tend to be really high quality and so far it's shown.

Ah good! I'm rather sensitive so can't do the full stroke with out it killing the effect slightly. Glad it works for you though!

Also for future reference with new holes. Always wash first if it looks like the package had/has been opened by customs or the like just to be safe because you never know what they may have done with it heh.

Oh, also for the Baby Powder. Any seems to work. But I have found putting a bit in your hand works better than trying to apply some of it to the out side of the toy itself. Can just roll the toy with one hand while the other with the baby powder in it is flat/open handed and you can work it around it as needed.

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Something important you should know, much like regular human mouths, "bacteria" is likely to form on the teeth and gums.

What I'm saying is when you wash it (I normally get a good warm/hot water running, rinse, pump foam soap, insert to fingers and scrub internals) do not forget to wash around the "gums" and teeth. sometimes lube can get trapped in the areas where the teeth attaches.
Enjoy your mouth of truth!

ID: 74496 No.592


Agreed. Make sure you wash between teeth and the lips which is where I have noticed a bit of build up, not so much the 'gums' though it may differ from mold to mold from what I have seen on several forums. On some the gums peel back a bit from the teeth and as you said can get a lot of gunk in it and some the 'gum's don't peel back only a little if at all. Not sure if it's the bonding compounds or maybe the curing process possibly. Luckily on mine it doesn't seem like the 'gums' are pulling away from the back of the teeth very much, just on the front between the lips and the teeth.

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