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ID: aeebe No. 58

I'm just curious which onahole you guys like the most. The ones you go back to repeatedly, the ones that gave you the best orgasm. As a noob on the subject I don't personally have a favorite just yet, but I'd like to know which ones should be added to my Must Try list.

ID: aeebe No.59

File: 1383036313375.jpg (20.95 KB, 300x225, virgin-loop-300x225.jpg, io e g t)

I've got so much, I don't wanna choose ^^
Well currently I like Virgin Loop a lot. And I also recommend it for beginners :)

ID: aeebe No.61

File: 1383161595608.jpg (6.47 KB, 200x200, 4edefebfc168f__62489_zoom.jpg, io e g t)

I'm a fan of dakimakura (20 so far, and too many pillows stuffed in the closet because I don't like not being able to see the girls without removing one daki and putting another one on a pillow), and while there are lots of good hand-held toys that I really like–Girl in a Box, Daydream Girl, Secret Twin Tales, and more–my favorites are still the Sakura Camel Toe Pillow Hole and Tubomi. Flat bottomed, they work on any dakimakura, they don't slide around much, and you can also use them on other things, (no, I won't go into that….). They're not practical for hand-held use, but amazingly they don't seem to tear, they're pretty easy to clean, and they're available even in a US mail order house. Sakura Camel Toe is hard to find anywhere but QueenCat has them.

ID: aeebe No.63

Anon_in_USA, this "Sakura Camel Toe Pillow Hole" seems so good ^^
No i am not drooling. Well, maybe a little ^^'
But can you give us a link ? Pleeeeeeeeeease >.<'

Once my Puni Ana DX so damaged to use it again (i think it won't happen before month starting now), that could be the next onahole i could order ^^
Waiting until that, Puni Ana DX is my favorite (well, the 2 others i had (including my first onahole), were breaked so i threw them some months ago).
And, even if you give the link, i am not sure to order this onahole or another. It is stille a great MAYBE lol

ID: aeebe No.64

Aurelchan, QueenCat Adult Toys is here: http://www.queencatadulttoys.com/
When I visit, the Sakura Camel Toe is visible down the front page (scroll down to see it). Be advised, some reviews point out (and product descriptions specify) that it is "too short" for western users, but I'm basically average size and I've not broken through the end yet. I have made a small tear in the inner 'lips' inside the entrance, but for the most part, this hole has held up through lots of satisfying uses. No guarantee it will work the same for anyone else; I go gently at first, like I would with a virgin, but by the end I'm not holding anything back. It's soft, not firm. Stretchy enough to clean just by opening the hole wide under running water, no need to turn it inside out to clean.

ID: aeebe No.65

Do you actually own that onahole used in your pic? If so, could rip the CD and post it? I can hook you up with Aina's CD in return, if you'd like. (Coincidentally, that's also my favorite atm.)

ID: aeebe No.66

GAHHHH no I don't have that one but I've seen the picture many times and I haven't been able to trace it to a purchase link sadly. I would gladly try it out for the sake of a review though if anyone has the link.

ID: aeebe No.67

You can find it with relative ease just by searching the name ("koe de ochigoto"), but here's some links:


ID: aeebe No.68

Forgot to add: As you can see it comes in two flavors, the one you used in the image is "Hana Kanazawa". I have "Mayui Aina". If you buy Hana and post the CD, I can give you Aina's if you want it and we'll both have each for the price of one~ (You only get the CD for that girl. And each one is different in both content and actress. The product's website appears to no longer work, but if it did you could've listened to some samples of the voice acting there. I only got Aina's cuz I liked her voice more, Hana's is still hot tho. Will probably end up buying it eventually.)

ID: b1444 No.132


I was interested in buying one or both of those? What do you think of the one you have?

ID: e99e9 No.145

Does anyone know where to find those CDs online, or would someone share theirs? I'd already be happy with samples of their voices and finding out what kind of tracks these are… talking? moaning? sex talk?
Btw how about a thread where people can share pictures/sounds that come with onaholes?

ID: 80e67 No.146

I just found a link to the Koe de Ochigoto CDs on /jp. Has both girls' CDs, so enjoy^^


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