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So have been doign a bit of research on these and have noticed that the two main contenders are the EXE Puni Ana DX Hard ( http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-co-jp-Limited-Puni-Edition-Adult/dp/B00DYL5JBM ) and Magic Eyes Wonder Ring Poco Pen ( http://www.amazon.com/Seller-Authentic-Japanese-Magic-Eyes/dp/B00RDCY04U/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_29?ie=UTF8&refRID=0168YGKTAPMME68C8RZR ).

Now, I'm curious about the durability behind the Magic Eye's one as I have beenr eading a lot of contradicting reviews across forums and such that it tears easily in the cheeks and the material starts coming out of the holes? This doesn't sound typical for most Magic Eye's products I have read up on before or my own experience with their Mouth of Truth(my only Japanese 'toy' so far, though it has made it extremely hard to go back to the few american 'toys' I do have…).

The problem I'm having with the Puni is that it's got 2 'open' holes and will need 'plugging' of sorts to keep it from leaking all over the bed/table/ottoman/etc. My question is if any one has gotten one of these and has found a plug/solution to this or not. Like an egg vibrator in each hole not being used? If so recommended eggs?

Not to worried about the cleaning factor as I'm fairly patient and am willing to take care of my 'toys' so they last as long as possible.

Was also curious if it's a big difference in feel from the Puni having the 'rounded nub legs' and slightly longer looking torso going by the bellybutton markings(not sure if it actually is or isn't longer or not and Wonder ring just has a higher pacement for the marking?) than the Wonder Rings 'flat/standing legs'. From the few forums I have seen them compared to each other side by side they look to be almost exactly the same size just the Puni has a more supple/larger butt than the Wonder Ring does?

Other thing I had notices were the lips seemed a little more open on the Puni than the Wondering, does that affect the tightness/feel/ability to keep the lube from sliding out along your shaft?…/ etc. Because that's a small problem with my Mouth of Truth, it seems to leak lube a little(not nearly as badly as my U.S. made 'toys' but enough to feel it drip down your balls and legs. Have tried using less lube but with the teeth I have been finding that not a to be a good thing to skimp on.).

Hope no one minds the text walls and thanks in advance for any answers/suggestions given! Also not sure if I got the picture thing right as I didn't realize that was required to post heh… That's of the Puni if anyone was curious.

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I just have Puni Ana DX hard: the included lube is rather thick, it doesn't flow out easily (you could be holding the hip holes downwards, it's not like rushing out, the pussy lips are usefully keeping the stuff in). Just have to pay attention to the "cleaning hole", there can be some cum leaking out if you cum plenty in the pussy hole and press the belly afterwards. A towel on the desk does the trick. Also keeps any unwanted dirt, hair and dead skin from sticking to the surface.

Downside of that thicky lube: sensations get killed. Peace's and Warming lotion were better, but these are thinner and easily leak out if you pour too much.

Note about cleaning: simply flushing water through pussy/ass is not enough, you have to rub clean by sticking your fingers in pussy/ass + the cleaning hole. Then all the lube on the walls gets off. I hope I can do a demo video :)

ID: 390e1 No.595


Thank's for replying and can't wait to see your review for it. So it's either thick lube and loss of 'sensations' or 'thinner lube and fairly leaky' ?

Now to wait and see if anyone has tried the Wonder Ring on here yet, really curious about it's quality since that's the only real downside I have read/heard about with it so far but with how many positive things people are saying about it, I am wondering if some of the negative is just them not using the right lube with or or not taking proper care or just rough handling of the toy you know? As the saying goes on the internet, take every thing with a grain of salt heh!

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