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ID: f9a96 No. 596

I'm browsing through NLS now and going to hit the order button tomorrow. Need recommendations.

My first onaholes were Bordeaux and CQ Roll, fantastic bunch they are.

Now I'm looking for either a loli hole or another uterus hole (like CQ above cos my fetish is impregnation and cervix penetration).
My specs is average asian BPEL 6 x 4.5 and I'm afraid a loli hole won't last that long with frequent use.

Now I'm looking at
Nurse's Uterus (soft and hard) for the uterus hole

Lolinco, Rina, and Virgin age admission for loli holes

Recommendations please.
Also welcoming recommendations outside the ones I mentioned above.

ID: eaf87 No.597

Haven't tried any of these but will throw my opinion in if that's alright as I just did a lot of research on some of the holes mentioned when I was looking at the hip ona's.

The Nurse's Uterus look's like it is mainly meant to be used with a doll or possibly even a hip that has the right 'canister' shape for it. Mainly due to how large yet flat the lips/entrance area is. The 'uterus' part also looks more like a suction chamber than a 'uterus' entrance like the CQ Roll does and doesn't look like it has anything special there at the end like the CQ either.

For the Loli holes, I looked through a lot of information on these. I have read a lot of mixed feelings/reports about the Lolinco and Rina. Have heard that cleaning with the Lolinco can be a real missing unless you have decent water power and a nozzle type function in your sink or shower head(The ones that spray/shoot a semi-compressed beam of water) as well as drying it out due to the 'ridges' that line it if you look at the inner structure. Same for the 2 ridges in the Rina. Though since like you said you liked the 'uterus' function/feel I would suggest the Rina as it does have the uterus type of suction chamber with nubs going by the pictures I have seen of it. Size wise they are fairly deep I believe at 6-6.5 inches deep and or able to stretch fairly well. Just don't be 'overly' rough with them and you shouldn't plow through them if you do bottom out easily in them.

The Virgin Age Admission I believe is by far the easiest one to clean out of all of these but it is also the smallest at I believe it was 4.5 inches in depth. as well as extremely tight and will shoot off the end of you if you don't keep a solid hold of it from what I have read in reviews about it. The tightness of it though is supposed to be second to none.

If you have the money I would suggest possibly looking at something like a tubomi or the Cocolo as well for 'loli' type holes. Have heard ok thigns about both though the 'valve' function in the Cocolo's seem to spotty at best and just not there at worst. So mos people suggest just sticking a finger in the unused hole. The tubomi is nice for the cervix/uterus thing form what I have read about it but is fairly large and can be hard to clean. Also not to many people like that the back is completely flat on it making it a 'one side only' type of toy unless you don't mind flipping it over and having that flatness towards/facing you.

Recently got my first japanese 'toy' a 'Mouth of Truth'. Have had 2 U.S.A. made 'toys' from the same price range and the quality of this toy is just above and beyond the American made ones. The attention to detail with the teeth, tongue and uvula is truly sensational. Though the teeth have made it difficult to use for longer sessions due to the teeth causing some slight bruising/irritation to me having really soft skin. So may take that into consideration if you consider it. Will be getting my Magic Eye's Wonder Ring Poco Pen Thursday so can give you information on that than if you are at all curious about it.

That's about all I can think of, hope it helps and good luck choosing!

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