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File: 1425621414005.jpg (7.22 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: f0329 No. 599

Got this ordered through amazon.com on Monday night. Mainly just the opening of the box and the vibrating wand to stick in the unused hole for added pleasure if it works/can be felt. Not sure what the image size/count limit is so experimenting with that as well hopefully can figure it out easily. All images will be in .jpg and feel free to request different views. Will NOT be cutting it in half though in order to show the insides. Expensive toy is expensive and had to use the last of my saved Christmas and birthday money for it! Hehe! First Pic is of the vibe and Wonder Ring Poco Pen(Will be using WRRP from now on) box in the box with a 1 foot long ruler to show size. Sorry if the ruler is blurry in most shots but auto focus would just not cooperate tonight and the manual focus left everything blurry. Looks to be one shot per post so this may get long!

ID: f0329 No.600

File: 1425622982392.jpg (7.17 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_2.jpg, io e g t)

Heres #2, view of the top. Kind of interesting drawing of the avatar for the product showing a bit of a sub outfit really. No idea on Name though could be the Poco Pen part of the title? Little over 11inches wide and a little short of 7 inches 'deep' which will be shown in the next pic.

ID: f0329 No.601

File: 1425623189517.jpg (6.35 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_3.jpg, io e g t)

Pic #3. Side view showing a nice 'profile' of the product inside. Again that's showing it to be just shy of the 7 inche mark in 'depth'

ID: f0329 No.602

File: 1425624092698.jpg (7.82 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_4.jpg, io e g t)

Pic 4, Showing what I believe is the bottom or back depending on how you have the box positioned heh. Showing the internals though I don't think it does a good job of it, Would have rather seen a quarter or half cut views. Could probably put all of the photo's together than post it as one jumbo size or scale it down a bit… Not sure what's acceptable really though I think larger individual pics is nicer for people looking for good amount of detail.

ID: f0329 No.603

File: 1425624405886.jpg (7.39 MB, 2848x4288, WRPP_5.jpg, io e g t)

Pic #5, the other side view. Nice 'render' of the avatars backside and a peak att he hole entrances.

ID: f0329 No.604

File: 1425624765523.jpg (6.86 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_6.jpg, io e g t)

#6 and to the good part! Opening the box! From this view you see the top of the toy or where the torso would be or Like on the Puni DX the flush hole which this does NOT have. Can't really tell in this pick but it's encased between 2 pieces of plastic molds and is in a plastic sleeve/bag which is horrible. Will see it and why it's bad later.

ID: f0329 No.605

File: 1425625122175.jpg (6.9 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_7.jpg, io e g t)

#7 is a view of isnide the box after pulling the toy out. No clue what is written. Interesting render of the mascot/avatar though, even if she has been cut in half! Looked at how hard it would be to pull those pieces out and they are attached to the rest of the box. So would have to take a knife and mutilate the box in order to use it for any real visual usefulness which is kinda sad since the upper torso part would have kind of gone with the him laying flat even with the render being smaller than the actual hip…

ID: f0329 No.606

File: 1425625658870.jpg (6.41 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_8.jpg, io e g t)

#8 of 13! View of the toy itself with the first plastic mold having been removed. You can now see the plastic sleeve it is in. Something of note here is this one is covered in a LOT of oily lotion or what ever it is they put on it. Glad I happened to have a few towels around in case of this problem. Not much of a smell to it though oddly enough considering how much of it there was. Can also make out the lips of the vagina's canal and the small pucker of the anal canal beneath it.
Let's try this again, got an error when trying to post it before…

ID: f0329 No.607

File: 1425626348885.jpg (6.74 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_9.jpg, io e g t)

#9 and no Error on uploading 8 that time hoorah!

In this we see the toy out of the plastic molds completely and on a towel do to the plastic sleeve beign covered in the oily lotion crap. Again not to much of a smell. Only really noticeable if you stick you hands near/close to your nose and take a deep whiff. Again kind of amazed it doesn't smell more strongly with the amount of oilyness on it since from everything I have read on forums about that, that's where the smell tends to come from the most. Also there is the 'infamous' Magic Eye's ketchup packet…*cough* I mean lube packet. Every where I have been forum wise has proven this to be a fairly horrible lube and should not be used if at all possible. Use as a last resort only and even then may not be worth it. Used the packet that came with my Mouth of Truth (which will make an appearance here for size comparison in a pic or two) due to beign curious as to just how BAD it could really be. You know internet and a grain of salt routine right? Well, they got it right with this lube. It seemed great at first, fairly thick but could still feel everything in the Mouth of Truth(like the uvula and the ridges along the roof of the mouth) than once you've fired of into it, it turned really watery and made my cum into a lot of white specs and blobs. At first I thought I or the lube had actually damaged the inside of the toy due tot he color of it looking exactly like the out side flesh. Cleaned the toy real well immediately there after and went back to my Slippery Stuff Gel lube and no problems with that since. It also foamed up quite a bit when trying to 'continue' using the toy after 'firing off' into it. Seem's a like a lot of lubes foam up, it just seems to be a matter of 'how much foam is generated'.

ID: f0329 No.608

File: 1425626990817.jpg (6.03 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_10.jpg, io e g t)

#10 of 13 and another big step! The darn plastic sleeve is now off and you can kind of see around the edges at the top of the hip the lines and indentations? That's form the plastic sleeve. Can even see some random ones across the abdomen and legs. Nice view of the lips and the ruler is in focus huzzah! So in this shot it looks to be almost 8 inches wide at the hip/butt cheeks. The pussy lips are pretty much dead on which is nice to see to be honest. Have seen a few pics of deformed hips and they weren't pretty! Not sure how they had gotten skewed but I doubt it was a manufacturing flaw that did the damage to some of those heh. Oh, also take notice that this doesn't have a clitoris nub like the Puni DX Hard that AkaiHebi has reviewed!

Yay another uploading error. Weirdness. Dunno what I am doing wrong or if there is a timer on how quickly/often one can post? Take 2!

ID: f0329 No.609

File: 1425627597041.jpg (5.92 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_11.jpg, io e g t)

#11 This one is obviously of the butt and lower back. Nice cheeks. Nothing to right home about really, but they are there. Can REALLY make out the lines form the darned plastic sleeve now! Lucky, I think I found a way to get rid of/fix the lines caused by it. Set up a heating pad(I have a large 12 by 24 inch one.) and wrap it around the toy on the lowest setting. Use a towel around the toy if the toy is still rather oily in order to keep it from transferring onto the heating pad. Worked great on my Mouth of Truth when I got it. Thing was just riddled with lines. So bad it actually looked more like one of the Monster Series Ona-holes haha.

ID: f0329 No.610

File: 1425628662223.jpg (5.86 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_12.jpg, io e g t)

#12 is a view of the holes and comparison to the Mouth of Awesomeness!…*cough* I mean Truth, Mouth of Truth…. Seriously thought that thing is rather awesome feeling. Again ruler is up for size and is slightly blurry but can still make out the numbers fairly easily. Inches is the top row and MM on the bottom row.

Have to admit that's the one thing about the Mouth of Truth I didn't really like, the entrance is very large/wide and thus there is no real suction feeling to it and is extremely noisy. Have to go very slowly with it due to not living alone and not wanting to wake any one up with it's use. Makes a LOT of suction noise mind you but you never really feel any 'suction'. At least not with my size. Not exactly the longest or girthiest at roughly 6.5 inches long and maybe an inch wide, maybe a little more. Have no way of measuring girth since I don't have one of them elastic clothes measuring tapes… This is probably TMI but oh well.

Again can see some of the indentations form the plastic sleeve on the butt cheeks. The vagina seems semi lose till you get past the first large nub than it tightens up REAL fast from what I had felt just trying to push a finger into it after spitting on my finger a little. Trying to push my pinkie finger into the anal hole but that was major NO GO with just a little spit. That thing is TIGHT and definitely well lubed entrance only haha. Also have to admit that the flatness/stumps of the legs isn't nearly as bad as it looks or as I had thought it would be. Thought they would have been sheer cuts but nope, they are nicely rounded on the edges which is really nice. Also with this having two holes is why I got that Shibari 7" smooth variable speed vibrator. I picked it over an egg due to wanting and figuring that vibration through the 7" long vibe would be more intense than just a semi small egg vibrator only working a small area. Also, it's completely water proof where as eggs from what I have read on them have a tendency to short out due to water/lube getting worked into the area of the egg where the wires go into it. Not sure if those are just some bad eggs or what… Yay for randomly making puns and not realizing it till I do the final once over before posting haha! Think that's about it for this pic… Onto the last but not least, #13! Heh

ID: f0329 No.611

File: 1425629596748.jpg (6.26 MB, 4288x2848, WRPP_13.jpg, io e g t)

#13 Woohoo! height/depth and width comparison to the Mouth of Truth! They may look the same in this pic but notice that the Mouth of truth stops at the top of the ruler? The Hip actually goes to just below the ruler. Can kind of see it if you look closely enough between the 4-5inch marks or the 16-21 MM marks on the bottom. Also really wish they had beveled/rounded the torso edge like they did for the legs. Would have been a really nice touch. Also love how this shows the fit abdomen look that it has like the toy's been doing some good ab/tummy work outs you know? Small thing but It stuck out to me. Can also see the curve of the butt and cheeks. Sadly they look a lot more impressive than they actually are which is really kind of sad in my opinion. Had a good bit of potential with them hims for having a nice grip-able butt, but it fell thin. Annoying thing on the Mouth of turth real qucik, I hate that Magic Eye's logo on the side soooo much. I wish it was put on the circular flat bottom/back end of the toy instead of the sides. Get's slightly annoying to feel when you are going at it and you can feel the lettering being pushed into your hand like a brand every time you thrust into it!…. Also the nose doesn't really do any thing, for me at least. It looks nice but at the same time you can feel it at all really when 'deep throating' the thing.

Oh and it says the hip weighs 2.5kg which is roughly 5.5pounds though I think it is a lot closer to 6 pounds…. Meh it'll be 6 pounds if not by time one is done filling 'her' up! haha!

Well that is all, any and all questions/suggestions welcome! Hope I did alright with this and got most of the information about it up. Will update with how it feels and such after I get a chance to thoroughly test it out :3 !

ID: f0329 No.612

Well, back after some testing of the toy (Roughly 4+ hours…). It's extremely noisy to use if you don't have it positions well or decent amount of lube, both pussy and anal canals. Found the vibe in the anal canal to be the best sensation wise overall. With this Shibari vibe on it's lowest setting I didn't really have to move much to get of due to the amount of sensation it sent through the hole toy. Not sure if an egg would be able to do that or not.

I did manage to get two small tears in the anal entrance from using it. Also take a look at Pic #11. Notice that flattish bulge where the butt crack extends into the spinal line? That's not an indication of a real lower back. That's the top of the anal canal. Not sure if that's a defect or not. The anal canal is also noticeably looser than the pussy by a lot. The entrance is tight, but once you get into it, it's got like a large chamber. Very noticeable when you go to clean it. Barely get one finger in the entrance even with the two small tears but once your finger is one there is lots of space. Felt like I could fit a third finger in it easily with room to spare if I could squeak it past the entrance.

Surprisingly easy to clean in my opinion… Will be even easier when my new dual shower had comes in. Will have a power stream function in it heh. The Vagina was really easy to clean. Just wrapped my microfiber cloth around that 7" vibrator stuffed it into the hole than turned on the vibe and wiggled it a little and pulled it out. Was completely dry. Props for that! Sadly the anal canal was a major pain to dry out. Could not get the vibe wrapped towel to go very deep into it. Even trying applying water form the bathroom sink to it than trying it over. Ended up just using a finger and stuffing the towel into it. Ended up pushing roughly half the towel into it. My microfiber cloth is 1'(foot)by by 1'4". so fairly large I believe. Still had to push my finger around inside the anal canal to get the sides and very bottom dry. Not really bad thing once figured out but getting there was fun heh. Baby powdered the heck out of it. Got a little into the holes when I was putting some on the leg stumps as well as when started to rub it in over the lips and pucker hole. But managed to get it out fairly easily and din't seem to do anything to the inside at all. Also the hot water front he shower seemed to help clear some of the smaller lines on the butt and back. Can't even make out any on the front of it now. Perhaps a fairly hot/warm bath and leaving it submerged while your in the bath relaxing it could slowly work out the two really small flat spots on the butt cheeks from it sitting in the plastic mold in the box for a while. As well as the rest of the semi deeper/thicker lines across the back and butt areas. Though a few more washes and it could fix it as well.

ID: f0329 No.613

Don't see any edit buttons, oh well. Forgot to mention that when I was going to store it I found that the large freezer bags I was using for my other toys wouldn't work. It's just to large. So thought for a little bit than remembered I had an old unused pillow case that was a King Sized. So did a little digging and ta-dah! It worked beautifully. It's actually a little large so I wrapped the extre length around the toy to add more protection around it. Besides that, it is also breathable unlike the Ziploc baggies!

ID: e3b1b No.614

Great review with many details :o

Sorry about the upload errors, I think it's because your pictures are very big: the server didn't had enough free memory to create the thumbnails :(

You took the pictures with a 12 megapixel camera, I think you can set it to 2 megapixel and it's still very good quality (full HD). Or if you want to resize on your computer: 1920 x 1080 pixels :)

ID: f0329 No.615


Ah ok will re-size them if i add any others if I get any requests. Not sure if I can turn down the megapixels just image size. Have a professional DSLR that I do landscape shots with. Easier to re-size them in photoshop than change stuff on the camera heh. Hopefully it will fix any errors, sorry if it caused any problems server side! Maybe add that under the Rules: at the top. Recommended photo size/resolution.

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