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ID: 2db25 No. 6

Well, this just for asking how to choose some options on dakimakuras.
(and this is better to ask that here than asking on comments and overload the articles ^^' ).

On dakimakuraharem
(thank you again AnonymousD for communicate the link in a comment ;) but i don't order yet. maybe this evening ^^ ),
There are those options:
-peach skin
-standard 2 way tricot
-modified 2 way tricot

For the first dakimakura i'll order, i'll choose peach skin.
Now, if anyone has dakimakura with at leats one of those 3 options (and other if it ordered on another website), i wanna know the good and bad points.
Because there is not one option better in all points than another, that's why i didn't ask wich one is the best ^^

Thank you and, i do my best when i talk (or here, write) in english using google trad for some words (just telling that for some people who don't know me and could be telling that my english is quite bad (or good ^^' ). For the (unnecesary) detail, i am french ^^ ).

PS: Apparently, i should add a picture to post this topic. So i use one from Tinkle Tinkerbell bell, take on hobbyheart. Just to illust the subject ^^

ID: 2db25 No.7

You lolicon :)

Well, for now I only have peach skin and standard 2wt.

Peach skin is cheaper, a little more water-proof (doesn't stain as fast), the colors are more vivid and resilient, it's more "stiff" (doesn't get folds as easily), dry faster, seems to tear less easily (I didn't check). Counterpart: not very soft, feels a bit like a k-way, can't be ironed (fer à repasser).

Standard 2wt is smooth and softer (I actually have nothing as soft in my home), feels by far the best to the skin (test protocol: cuddling all naked), it's lighter and airy. Counterpart: more expensive, like a t-shirt it can stain pretty quick, it's less robust against stirring, colors may wash away quicker if bad quality (don't know for sure).

For "fap setup" PS is recommended (that doesn't mean it's totally waterproof and allow you to cum on it directly), when it comes to sleeping with it then 2wt is by far best.

To put it another way: 2wt for heart, PS for sex :)

ID: 2db25 No.8

File: 1372283323372.jpg (350.18 KB, 500x750, H1896 Touhou project Fix 1….jpg, io e g t)

OK, thank you ;)

I order a dakimakura and an "hugging body pillow inner stuff" (as they call it) yesterday on Hobbyheart. And i added some €uros to get a tracking number which i'll receive when they'll send the parcel.

On dakimakuraharem, i ordered but right after, i asked for cancelling this order because a bad choice of the payement mode and, i lost the password of my paypal account (fortunately, there weren't any €uro cents on it ^^ ).

On Hobbyheart, not any need of this account to pay the order (they say with it, we can order quickly. But me, i like to take my time for this and don't like to let any credit card data on such an account).

I didn't pay so more expensive than if i ordered on daki-harem (yes, i cut down the website name), knowing the EMS tax i should pay.
On Hobbyheart, the EMS tax is only to make the shipping duration shorter. And cost US$25 (arround €20. i don't know in english if the currency sign is before or after the cost number. So many french uses to correct ^^' ).
Option i didn't take so, i'll receive my first real (unofficial) dakimakura in 2 weeks. I hope less.
If not, it is in 3 weeks.

Yes, this is the picture of the daki cover. I choose Peach skin just for a nice start ^^ (and because i didn't wanna pay too much ^^' )

I only found my happiness in "Touhou" section, and this one is Flandre Scarlett (just for anyone who don't know Touhou). Cutter and not any destructive madness (so hard to avoid her bullets in the game. I just tried once and never back on this stage since)…

Well, Tinker bell is good but, i'll maybe (or not ^^' ) order it latter.

Rendez-vous in 2 or 3 weeks ^^ … so long to wait T~T

Yes, you can call me lolicon again ^^
Even if Flan has 495 years old (plus 10 years because Touhou 6 starded to be released in 2002).

ID: 2db25 No.15

All right, i finally received Flan yesterday and slept with her last night ^^

(Of course, i say i received the inner stuff and the dakimakura cover with Flandre Scarlett printed on it. You have the picture on my previous post).

And that was quite good for a first night with a cute vampire girl ;)

Until i received her, i didn't expect the high definition of the picture on the cover, that's quite amazing ^^
Now i can have many sweet summer nights :)

Hummmmm, maybe i will order another cover, this time in 2 Way Tricot. And with "Flan no onee-sama", Remilia Scarlett.
Yes, Sakuya will shoot many knives to me if she come in my room and discover what i have lol

But it is a big "maybe". 2 weeks and some days, that is quite long to wait. Fortunately, i didn't pay any tax.
And i think that is enough with Flan ^^

ID: 2db25 No.24

You should buy dakimakura dirrectly from the circles instead of buying them from chinese website that steal art. Money goes to the artists this way, AND you don't get the shitty knockoff quality. Also you usually get better materials as well. I haven't heard of any chinese-knockoff website that uses like-tron from A&J (the latest material, released december 2012 afaik).
There's a good database here: blog.埋もれる抱き枕er.jp
And you can also check pixiv, usually artists will upload a sample here before komiket/reitaisai/futaket/whatever.

Peach skin is also thicker than than either 2wt or smooth knit (aka 1wt).
Peach skin doesn't stretch, which is a problem with the more expensive pillows (yes, simply "pillow". Or 抱き枕本体 if you prefer).
It also tears more easily than 2way tricot, and while the surface is as soft, the thickness and unstretchability gives it a ruggy feeling. It's also not very airy and uncomfortable in summer. Appart for a fap setup it isn't worth it.

The "modified" 2wt is just them changing the polymer formulae. It's something like 80/20 polyesther/lycra instead of 100% polyesther.
There are various versions, taiwaneese call it 4 way tricot, A&J call it simply AJ2WAYトリコット, pearl roica is another one, and you can also find 最高級2wt.

ID: 2db25 No.25

Also, 2 way tricot simply means it can stretche in two dirrections (perpendicular to each others).
Whereas smooth knit/ one way tricot only stretches in one dirrection. 2wt is known for being more frail, prone to tearing, noticeably softer and having a better printing quality.

Keep in mind that it's ALWAYS, unless rare exception, a synthetic fiber, so ironing it will damage it unless you know what you're doing.

>plus 10 years because Touhou 6 starded to be released in 2002

Time doesn't flow then same way in touhou-verse as it does irl you secondary.

Sources: www.yumemiyasan.jp/生地別の特徴について/ , http://a-and-j.co.jp/character_goods/03like.html , personal experience and knowledge.

PS: you don't have to justify for 3 sentences about how French you are everytime you make a post. I'm French as well. (I, however, don't suck at english)

ID: 2db25 No.27

Hey thanks for the posts, interesting :)

Well I see original smooth knit dakimakura start at around 70 € on AmiAmi, that's clearly more expensive but that doesn't weight heavy on the balance. No the biggest differences are the limited choice of illustrations, their "mild ecchiness", and of course the looooooong pre-order period leading to a very quick sell-off and you run tears when you see all the great stuff that probably won't ever get released again.

For now I sleep well with my Kuroneko, and for fapping I guess Chinese bootleg peach skin is enough (uncensored fully exposed genitals, hell yeah). But once I get tired of Kuroneko (now that the series came to an end), her replacement sure will be a hard-chosen and long awaited barely-ecchi official dakimakura :)

(stalk me, I will receive some related stuff soon ^.^)

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