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ID: 268ad No. 60

True to AkaiHebi's generalization about TamaToys, the products just may not be ideal for "westerners". The box illustrations are the biggest draw (I love the loli artwork), but this particular toy was destroyed upon my first use. I'll give it credit for a very satisfying session, as the sensations were pretty damn good; but, about two or three minutes in, the toy literally split in half. Ended up looking like the cutaway pics showing the interior. I was able to hold it all together long enough to "finish", and that finish was quite enjoyable, but the toy can't be used again. Fortunately I purchased other items with it so the $16 price (can't remember if NLS or Kanajo) didn't have separate high shipping price. I originally planned simply to keep the item unopened…as a "collector"…but one day, well, lets just say my needs got the better of me.

ID: 268ad No.62

Cute, but breaks beyond repair on first use.
What a realistic onahole :D [/sarcasm]

Thanks for sharing.

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