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ID: fedea No. 617

What should I get next? I'm already at 11 onaholes, am I at the limit of most good holes? See my rating list. Currently haven't rated the bottom two need a few more sessions to finalize my thoughts.

As long it has a nice stimulation I don't mind, any recommendations?

ID: b1929 No.621

You've covered most of the ones that this blog recommends most highly… I dunno, maybe since you already have many onaholes, you wouldn't mind picking up a larger hip-style onahole like Puni Ana DX Hard or Twins Panic. You could also check out Infernal Monkey's blog and just buy whatever he recommends. Not sure what to say beyond that.

ID: fedea No.623

I don't have any room for hips so they arent an option.

ID: b1929 No.626

ID: fedea No.634

Thanks for the recommendations, I went with the seventeen Bordeaux and R20 Puni. Hopefully these won't disappoint!

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