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I have watched the cleaning video and read countless articles how to clean. Its the drying I am concerned. I am using the goods maintenance kit.

It works when I spray inside my Virgin Age -Admission- and it coats it well. Yet after 24, even 48 hours it still is moist. Should I be concerned? Or just dry it out with the microfiber cloth provided?

Have yet to try Pure Heart. Cannot hold on much longer…


ID: 6ad40 No.639

Not good :) The onahole should get dry within a couple hours. If it stays moist longer, it can cause trouble.

If you can, let it rest in a breathing bag somewhere with some air flow. Or else, you can dry inside by making "finger gloves" out of a microfiber towel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDwF90tMWvw

ID: 4d8cc No.645

Thanks AkaiHebi!

I will be sure to place in a breathable bag somewhere out of the suns rays. Also I will be sure to dry with the microfiber towel after a soapy wash.

Thank you so much!

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