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ID: eea53 No. 640

Hi guys, new to these boards but not new to onaholes, owning a small but nice selection.

As a frequenter of both this site and a Japanese onahole review site (www.onahodouga.com), I've mostly gone for holes with good ratings.

I've only ever gotten medium sized holes, so I decided it was time to make my foray into the world of large hip holes. Since my favourite makers are RIDE Japan and Magic Eyes, and RIDE doesn't really do large holes, I figured I would try one from Magic Eyes.

So as I was scrolling through NLS yesterday, found this in the new items list:

So yeah, pretty much made an instant decision to buy it, with that interesting 'bone' gimmick and all. Will probably arrive next week, and I'll probably do a review here shortly after that, so look forward to it!

P.S. Might do reviews of some of the holes I have that haven't been done here yet, like the following:

Golden Moeten from RIDE
Virgin Loop Hard from RIDE
Super Sensitive Puni Stick! from RIDE

(yeah all RIDE, love 'em)

ID: 1305c No.641

Awesome, looking forward to it!

By the way, what onaholes does Onahodouga recommend? It'd be interesting to see what's popular there and if it differs from what's recommended here, but I can't read Japanese. :/

ID: eea53 No.643

They do 1 review per day, mostly new holes. They currently have 1,100+ reviews in total (around 100 of those are miscellaneous non-hole review posts) but yeah, probably need to polish up that Japanese to understand stuff there.

ID: 1305c No.644

I see. Could you mention a few of the onaholes that are most highly rated there?

ID: eea53 No.646

They do ratings out of 5 stars there, so I'd consider 4-5 stars 'good' ones. The high rated ones here such as Virgin Loop, Vacuum Warning ~ Seducing Witch and Seventeen Bordeaux have gotten 5 stars there, whilst other holes reviewed here have gotten around 3-4 stars average (Rina and Roa have only gotten 3 and 2 stars respectively though).

In general a lot of Magic Eyes and RIDE products have gotten high ratings, such as the recent Gucho Nure Meiki MONSTER Chimera (Plus), which is a collaboration between the two makers.

ID: eea53 No.647

Actually around 2-4 stars average.

Golden Moeten is rated 5 stars there, and I have to absolutely agree that its worth every single on of those stars!

ID: 1305c No.648

Ah, I see. Thanks, I'll check those out!

ID: 07f50 No.651

I look forward the review as well, upload a few pics to imgur if possible to see better the size. With the NLS pics, it kinda looks small.. the price and shipping are crazy, but the inner structure looks great.

ID: eea53 No.652

Meh, it got stuck in customs for quite a while, expecting it to arrive within this week.

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