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ID: af588 No. 649

do you think this onahole will be awesome ? should i pre-order this without knowing how it will be ?

ID: 0fe3d No.650

Hmm. Hard to say. G-Project is one of the quality manufacturers, so there's no reason to suspect that it'll suck. That being said, it's certainly not guaranteed either; even if you browse the onaholes on this website from top manufacturers like Toysheart etc., they're mostly mediocre.

It seems like an interesting idea, and that cover art is mindblowing, but I think it really depends on your personal taste, especially given that AkaiHebi's going to be reviewing it in the next few months. Are you really excited for this onahole in particular? Do you have other onaholes that you're happy with that you can use until it gets reviewed? Would you be disappointed if it turned out to be a waste of money, or would you shrug it off? Etc.

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