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ID: e4db4 No. 653

Hey people.

I startede living alone a few months ago and thought I would try something new when relieving my stress and have been looking around for sometime now and have taken a liking to the hip models and narrowed it down to following.

Puni Hole DX
Puru-puru Finale
The Puritto Hip Seventeen Buttocks Onahole

But now I have some trouble decideing which I should choose.

From what i have been abel to finde out should Puni Hole DX be the best choice but I have not been abel to finde much information on the other hips, can anyone help me? or is their other recommendations for at first timer like me? or web pages I should take a look at?

Sry if the writing is a bit poor but English is not my mother language ;-)

// Itsuki Kuro

ID: 98d37 No.654

Hmm. I think the Puni Ana DX is probably a good choice. There's another website that rates onaholes called Onahodouga, and they have reviews for Puni Ana DX (http://onahodouga.com/archives/54322388.html) and REAL (http://onahodouga.com/archives/54654866.html). Both are rated four stars, so I think they're both probably pretty good. In fact, the same manufacturer (EXE) makes both of them. So I think between those two, it's up to personal preference.

I haven't been able to find any information on the other two, so I would say they're more risky. The third one is a parody onahole (of Puella Magi Madoka Magica), and parody onaholes are often not very good, so it seems like it might not be great. The Puritto Hip onahole seems like it could be mediocre as well.

ID: 1fdbf No.662

i would be interested by the punihole but wonder if it was 'legal" in france . can someone help me .
Also , what's the best site to buy it for my country

ID: 85378 No.663

The toy itself is legal, since nothing forbids it. But the pictures on the box and the included CD may be not legal.

Therefor, I recommend you a vendor that can ship it without the box and CD: NLS or NipponSexToys. And who could ship it as "sample" since customs will definitively tax on it.

ID: 17b0a No.675

Well, I ordered one last night via nls . But I'm worried . I am pretty sure to have chosen "ship without any package or attachments " , but when I look at the sum up I see no precision about it … Is it normal or did I do something wrong ?

ID: b9738 No.676

pfew , the site just assuerd me i did asked for the " remove package and any attchement " thing , i suddenly feel better o_o
also a little note . i asked for my package to be labeled as " sample " but they refused XD
Gee i'm impatient to feel this new toy :3
Oh , my next purchase will certainly be a panty to spice up the game . any site where i could get some ?

ID: b9738 No.679

hmm, does chronopost change the tracking number ? my package oesn't seems to move from the outward exchange for 3 days now … :/

ID: 85378 No.680

e-packet or EMS ? Only in the second case it goes through exchange office fast and with Chronopost tracking. e-packet can take 5-25 days to land, then it's a La Poste tracking.

ID: b9738 No.681

well maybe i'm too impatient x)
i want one since i saw it XD

ID: d8828 No.745

I just want to say DON'T get the Puru-puru Finale. It's a mediocre toy and it's nearly impossible to get going on it as the hole is small and it's really awkward to position unless you're going to be standing up to us it via doggy style

it's flat on the "bottom" so you can't have it riding you. I just threw it away after 2 or 3 uses because it was so annoying. I over paid because I was still stupid enough to buy these things from j-list at the time, so thats how willing I was to throw it away even though I already paid for it.

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