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ID: 36f5c No. 655

As promised, heres my review on Kaitai Shinshō!

First things first, this girl is BIG. Weighing in at a massive 2kg, she's easily 2 times the size of your hands. I was really surprised when I first saw the size of the box.

ID: 36f5c No.656

File: 1427907235888.png (1.69 MB, 1024x768, kaitai3.png, io g t)

Packaging and addons 10/10

Cute busty girl on the packaging, nothing wrong with that. Whats special about the box is that there's a latch you can open up on the front of the box which reveals an X-ray illustration of the hole's internal structure. Clever gimmick on the part of Magic Eyes.

The hole comes with the old regular packet of lube which will be hard to use with the hole. Also included is a small bottle of powder for maintenance purposes, which is always nice. The jewel of the addons is a small coin-like object used for plugging up the top end of the hole for a suction effect, more on this later.

ID: 36f5c No.657

File: 1427908646352.jpg (121.01 KB, 1024x768, kaitai5.jpg, io e g t)

Materials 9/10 and Cleaning 5/10

I have to separate the two scores because theres such a contrast between the two.

For materials, 2kg of Magic Eyes' soft skin material, which is soft, smooth and pure quality. There is a bit of the out-the-box smell, but should go away with a few uses and washes. The shape of this onahole is exquisite: everything is so well proportioned and the curves are really nice, it's almost like a piece of art. The most unique part of this hole is the 'Bone' gimmick, a semi-hard plastic skeleton enveloping the inner structure, for a more realistic sensation upon insertion. The only flaw to the near perfect appearance of this hole is the ugly Magic Eyes branding on the back of the body that most Magic Eyes products have.

Cleaning is probably the worst part of this thing. By nature it's a penetrated hole, so you can just let the water flow through it and use your fingers to give it a rub inside. Drying is the real hard part. Because of the bone gimmick frame, this hole is a lot more rigid than others, meaning you can't wrap a towel around your finger and poke it in. Your best bet is to wrap a micro-fibre towel around an extremely thin object, like the wire from a clothes hanger, pass it through the insides of the hole without damaging it and dry it as much as you can.

ID: 36f5c No.658

File: 1427909267624.png (1.74 MB, 768x1024, kaitai6.png, io g t)

Feeling and pleasure 9/10

The internal structure isn't anything too special: the regular nooks and jags in Magic Eyes holes, with mostly bumps. Even with the added pressure of the bone gimmick, to be honest it didn't really feel like anything too special, maybe slightly better than the average onahole UNTIL you put the coin stopper (thats what I'm going to call it) in at the top to plug the hole up.

With you dong in the hole, push the air out of the hole from the top, then plug it up with the stopper. This creates an IMMENSE suction effect not regularly found in large/hip holes. This heightens the sensation so much, you probably won't last long after plugging it up. Thrusting your hips makes it even more fun too.

ID: 36f5c No.659

File: 1427909689385.png (1.47 MB, 768x1024, kaitai8.png, io g t)

Price 7~8/10

The price tag is gonna look big on this one, but remember you're getting an extremely unique hole with plenty of high quality material to boot. Easily over 100 USD, so if you can afford it, go for it. Shipping and customs is gonna be a bitch, depending on where you live.

ID: 36f5c No.660

File: 1427909862000.png (1.63 MB, 768x1024, kaitai7.png, io g t)

And thats it for the review! Hope you enjoyed it. For a gallery of pics for this hole go to: http://imgur.com/a/ENJ1d#NXbqnsJ

Next up will be Gucho Nure Meiki MONSTER Chimera PLUS, which I've just got along with Kaitai Shinshō.

ID: 7e512 No.661

Dang, nice work. Thanks for the review; looking forward to the next one!

ID: 8c8f3 No.665

Nice review! Was looking at this when I looked up my Wonder Ring Poco Pen. I'm curious though, did the plastic sleeve >>656
that it came in leave a bunch of lines in the toy? It did for my wonder ring is why I am asking.

ID: 36f5c No.666

No lines to be found on mine, though it has happened on 1 of my other Magic Eyes product before (don't remember which).

ID: 4521e No.674

I got my Kaitai Shinshō this week and the "membrane layer" is already separating from the "gel layer" after only a few uses. If I try to use it the part where the clit is, is always pushed inside. It's really frustrating and I'm disappointed because this onahole is so expensive.

So did anyone notice something similar with theirs?

ID: c3c1a No.695

I bought a Kaitai Shinshō from NLS, ultra fast shipping but it also completely came apart inside at the opening, I thought it would have the same build quality as the Cocolo, which I had been diligently using for almost two months with no problems.
But with the Kaitai Shinshō, just two uses made the opening split and detach within to allow water/fluids to get inside between the bone and outer skin, which obviously makes it impossible to clean and dry.
It's ironic that they make one designed after a prepubescent girl and it can take it every way with no problems, but they make one modeled after a porn star and it disintegrates after two uses….

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