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ID: f6269 No. 664

Could someone recommend a good onahole from this shop that is kinda on the budget side?


ID: f6269 No.667

I ended up buying this one http://sexshophans.nl/winkel/animex-young-sweet-naiko/ because the other two where sold out. Anyway as a first time user the only thing I could compare it to was hand(s) considering my sexual experiences were kinda let down. Long story short…. I did not last 3 minutes this thing… is very nice. I just cleaned it witch was a straightforward process. Hope it will dry well enough without extra care, I'm afraid to turn it inside out considering one side of the walls is kinda thin, but then again this kinda feels like the inside of a cheek.

Scale 1 to 5

Pleasure: 4 (my first product so kinda biased)
Cleaning: 4
Durability: will let you know :3
Price: 5 (24 euro)

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