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ID: 2ffc1 No. 668

First off, I'm new to the whole onahole business with no experience on any products whatsoever, so my question is which should I get? I was actually quite frankly looking at Virgin Age Admission

Second Question(s):
How do I clean onaholes?
How do I dry onaholes?
Do I have to use special lubricant? or can things such as simple household/convenient items such as Spit, Lotion, and Vaseline do the trick?


Tl;DR Onahole recommendations, and 3 questions.

ID: 3ff48 No.669

1. Flush the inside of the onahole with warm water, rub it with a bit of soap with your fingers.
2. If the onahole is flexible enough, flip it inside out and rub it dry with a towel. If you can't flip it, either try your best to dry it using a towel using your finger, or blow it dry with a hair dryer on a not-so-hot setting.

ID: 3ff48 No.670

3. You definitely need to use lubes for it, the onahole comes with a small packet but it would be better to buy a bottle, such as Onatsuyu or Pepee.

ID: 2ffc1 No.671

File: 1428369629269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.79 KB, 720x638, 16912_946057542105675_2469….jpg, io e g t)

Alright got that, okay so what is your recommendations for onaholes so far? My penis is rather small (4~ inches or so? with some leeway in size)I also have phimosis. I prefer a rather tight feeling. So anything top quality that matches those conditions and is friendly them is fine with me. Also budget is an issue ~55? with shipping

ID: ef7ed No.673

I'm also new to onaholes and I purchased my first one on sunday.

My Virgin Age: Admission just came in the mail today! I can't wait to try it. When I opened it and started feeling it, I noticed how fucking TIGHT this thing is. Holy shit, I'm almost afraid of getting my dick in there. It's also rather short, so I don't think I'll be able to get in all the way. I'm 6" with decent girth so I'm thinking I won't be able to go balls deep. The onahole is just too short for me, I think.

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