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What is the most realistic in terms of feeling for onaholes? I need one for when my girl is not in the mood or is away. I'm a pretty simple guy, and those "pleasurable" designs I've seen in the reviews are a little extreme, design wise. So I would appreciate which one is the most realistic and simple especially since it would be my first time buying a onahole. Thanks in advance!

ID: c62a8 No.688

Well, some 4chanians recommend Lilith Uterus by TOMAX, but I can't vouch about it. In your case it's a no-brainer: Queen Cat is the closest reseller for TOMAX products. http://www.queencatadulttoys.com/brands/TOMAX.html

Also, if you'd like an affordable and really soft onahole, I think about C-moon (https://blog.onahole.eu/squid-c-moon-series.html). And more realistic… Sujiman Rina ? (https://blog.onahole.eu/open-my-pussy-series.html)

Please report back with your first time experience :)

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