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ID: d91c2 No. 689

Finally took the plunge with a 17 Bordeaux and it's fantastic, but after drying if I take a quick peek inside and it seems like the inner texture is getting torn up a bit by my drying. This is after about six uses mind you. Is it normal to see this kind of wear already or should I find a more gentle cloth or perhaps get a little less aggressive in my drying?

Using: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LQH5UKG/

ID: ce736 No.693

Huh. I actually hadn't considered this issue before. I'm using pretty much the same kind of towel. Looking inside, it does seem like the onaholes are a bit scratched up, although I can't tell if that's how they arrived, or whether it occurred through drying or normal use. In any case, it doesn't seem to have affected the actual sensation very much, and most people recommend drying with a microfiber towel, so I would suspect it's not too much of a problem, unless the sensation becomes noticeably worse? I suppose to be really accurate you'd have to buy two of the same onahole and compare them after extended use.

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