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ID: e46b5 No. 690

Hi, I already own a few Fleshlight's and similar toys that give the experience of being with an adult woman/pornstar etc, all of which are generally deep and quite loose feeling.

I'm now looking for the opposite and want something very small, tight and child like so basically a Lolihole.

I'm worried however that my plan just simply isn't going to work very well as my penis is about 8.5 inches and all these toys are something like 4 inches deep.

Does anyone know of an Onahole that is both extremely tight but still also fairly deep, or perhaps short but durable enough to stretch without damaging it?

These are the ones I found by looking around that seem to be well reviewed, would any of these be ok for me?

Virgin Age -Admission-
Virgin Age -Graduation-
Open My Pussy! Rina
Open My Pussy! Roa
Open My Pussy! Lolinco
Onaho Fairy

ID: e46b5 No.691

Also on an unrelated non-loli sidenote, is the Mouth of Truth Onahole worth getting if you're really into oral? I've seen people say it's pretty much the best oral simulator there currently is.

ID: f9018 No.692

Tricky.. Vacuum Witch ( https://blog.onahole.eu/seducing-witch.html ) may be an option, but it's more suction than tightness. Still good.

I -guess- Admission could withstand some stretching inside, be careful: it's not dubbed "the penis strangler" for nothing !

MoT is as of today the best blowjob-onahole I know. Apply plenty of lube on the teeth too, so it doesn't scratch your shaft too much. Reportedly it's still performing like a charm when removing the lower teeth.. that's up to you :)

ID: 9a201 No.700

I bought two in the end. I got lucky and someone listed a bunch on Amazon UK for the proper (non hugely inflated price) with prime delivery.

The first was a Magic Eyes Rina and the second a Virgin Age from NLS which should arrive around May 5th.

Surprisingly the Rina isn't actually too small - if I'm fully inside of it it does poke the right hand end side out a little (it's weird how the inside of it seems to go off at a slight angle) but I can still be like 90% inside without the poking thing happening.

It doesn't really feel as great as I imagined to be honest, overall it feels pretty similar to the "Swallow" texture Fleshlight that I have, which is a moderately tight opening followed by a ribbed canal and finally super-tight end passage.

The Rina just feels like a slightly tight wave/ribbed pattern throughout with a little "walled" node at the very end with you can push past and feels quite nice - I think this is supposed to be a cervix or something? The overall suction of it is good though I must say.

I'm kinda seeing what other people said online though, about how the Magic Eyes toys/dual layer toys feel quite thin and not particularly sturdy. I feel like I could easily be too rough with the Rina and rip right through the thin walls and the opening will probably tear from being stretched.

I have a feeling the virgin age will be very durable and thick yet a fair few inches shorter overall, but probably much easier to clean and dry due to a more simple inner texture.

ID: e976e No.712

Wow, I would have added lube to my NLS order if I'd known in advance Parcelforce were going to rape me for £19 worth of customs charges.

Note to UK buyers using NLS, I picked EMS shipping, told them to mark the package as figure aka "default" and include the box on the VA:Admission. I was expecting something like £9 for customs if it actually happened but not £19.

This makes the final cost for the order practically the same as ordering direct from the overpriced online shops we already have in Europe like Wanta and Omochadreams.

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