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ID: 4a7dd No. 696

So I got Open My Pussy Rina as my first beginner onahole a couple months ago. I then followed up by purchasing Virgin Age Admission and Mouth of Truth because they seemed to be must tries.

My favorite of the three is Mouth of Truth. The feeling of transitioning from the tongue to the back of the throat is simply mindblowing.
Next, I like Rina for her softness. Very comfortable with a bonus great suction. Unfortunately, whenever I try to dry her with cloth (microfiber ofc), small pieces get torn out.
VAAdmission is… tight. Too tight for me. It really does deserve to be called penis strangler. Personally not a fan.

I'm trying to find my next set of onaholes to buy. Admission is my only Toys Heart item at the moment, so I feel like I should buy another one of their items so I can better determine how much I like their stuff. Fan of Magic Eyes atm.

I'm considering Eroman or Vacuum Witch for the strong suction.
A few more Single Layer holes since again VAA is my only one.
Was considering Lolinco for popular Magic Eyes product, but VAA kinda shying me away from loli stuff. Rumors it's fragile?

Other than that, I'm not sure what I want to go for. If there are any other outliers (ie VAA/MoT) I'd definitely like to try them.
Maybe something from other companies as well?
All recommendations are welcome.

ID: 30319 No.711

File: 1430667000971.jpg (223.22 KB, 1642x1094, MoT, lolinco, Rina.JPG, io e g t)

– ignore dirt on holes in picture. Pain to clean the outside (see below)

– i wrote more than expected for a first post….. TL;DR: Lolinco is a pain to clean, but is durable enough for me. Tight but if you can get in Rina easily this'll be no problems. seriously recommended!

– Long version:

I haven't tried VA Admission (will be one of my next purchases) but if you can get in Rina and it's not too tight then its highly likely you'll be fine. It is larger, though feels a little tighter than Rina.They are both tight for me though, and I end up bottoming both out easily.

Lolinco is a damn good onahole, my favourite out of the 12 or so holes I have. I treat it quite roughly, especially when drying it out (I'm pedantic having my holes pretty much perfectly dry before going into storage). After rough usage ~5 times a week for a month, it's only showing major signs of damage recently. For me 20 rough uses is definitely worth it with this hole. YMMV.

Just note, The Magic Eyes toys I have seem to collect dirt on the outside that only likes being removed with soaps that are highly effective at removing grease from skin. (Read: Solvol liquid, be warned: could destroy toys. Only tried twice with no ill effects myself)

See pic for size comparison (lolinco in middle, MoT left and Rina right. Red toy bags are the medium ones, beige the small ones that NLS sell (great for organising lots of holes instead of putting them in one huge bag)

MoT, Lolinco, and Rina are in my top holes, others you may like are:

Kashin V5 - seriously awesome hole. Great texture, tight, little suction, and the wave structure inside provides something different.

R20/R20 Puni, both are awesome, incredibly durable holes.

ID: 8d467 No.713

I spent about a month reading about holes before actually buying anything. From the masses of information I saw the holes that were constantly mentioned over and over again and always recommend were -

Rina, Virgin Age, Mouth and Lolinco.

I haven't used a Lolinco but I'd recommend that based on what others have said - It's on my to buy list too along with mouth.

Lolinco seems like a hybrid toy - they took the body/torso-shaped outer design of Rina then gave it the same puffy shaped lips entrance of Roa so it's sort of like a mix between the two - it weighs as much as both combined, is thicker material than either of the others, is tighter and deeper too.

Lolinco seems like the best of both worlds with added improvements but it's a pain to dry it apparently.

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