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ID: 94702 No. 704

Do you accept reviews for products that have already been reviewed before? I purchased a Mouth of Truth some time ago, and it's the first onahole that I've felt has made me want to say something about it. I'm not really a connoisseur and don't have too many onaholes yet, but if anyone would find it useful to read a variety of perspectives, then I could write a few words on my experience with it.

ID: 260d9 No.705

Writing a review here in the boards ? Sure sure go ahead, it's it's purpose ^^ Alternatively, you can also publish your review on the forums (no need to register account) → https://forums.onahole.eu/viewforum.php?f=5

If you have other onaholes never reviewed before on the blog and you wanna make reviews, I can consider making you author :)

ID: 8117c No.706

Ah, all right. Perhaps I'll post one here sometime when I have time to write it up, then. Thanks!

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