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Hi everyone,

I recently ordered the 'My younger sister can't be this tight (Kirino)' and 'My younger sister's friend can't be this tight (Ayase)' Onaholes from NLS.

However, I didn't tell NLS to get rid of the packaging, and I have heard that lolicon is illegal in Australia.

I'm not sure what I should do now as NLS have already shipped the package and I'm not sure if the law will deem the packaging of these onaholes 'lolicon'.

Any advice would be very appreciated.

ID: 786d8 No.718

Who did you send it with?

I've ordered from NLS to AU a few times, each with at least one box that would've caused issues (a few that are I suppose a bit worse than the Kirino/Ayase holes (got both from my last purchase). You should be fine if the customs declaration is figurines or such.

Though when you get the holes you might wish to dispose of the boxes or store them in a vault or something similar to be safe….

ID: 786d8 No.719

I should add onto >>718 that there's a very slim (but still likely) chance it'll get searched if the customs declaration doesn't have "sex toys" on it, nothing in the box looks like human anatomy on a scanner, and the customs value equals under $1000 AUD.

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