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What are your guys thoughts on Meiki onaholes like ZXY and Maria Ozawa? I'm looking to get some new ones. I currently own most of the Sujiman's and Seventeen Bordeaux.

ID: 8fa28 No.721

I have the ZXY (two actually). Expensive, but if you want to try a soft/loose hole the ZXY is one of the best. It's big, soft and envelopes you inside is what I can describe (compared to what you have tried, this might be a Milf onahole).
The big downside (and this is a downside for all dual layer Meikis) is that the inner layer lasted me only 4-5 months until it smoothed away and changed the sensation. You can still use it fine but it won't feel as good as it once was. However what it used to be was excellent so I bought another.

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