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As the Subject sates back and looking for something new to try. Was my birthday on Saturday so got some spending money saved up for my self and thought I would get another toy! Currently have the Wonder Ring Poco Pen hip and the Mouth of Truth.

Mainly looking at something that will be fairly tight not nearly as sloppy/messy as Mouth of Truth and the hip as you can't use both holes with out lube and such leaking out while using the other hole.

That being said, was looking at something like the R-20 Puni and/or Virgin Age: Graduation/Admission. Not sure which on the Virgin Ages as I am 6.5 inches in length and have heard Admission is for those about 5 inches or less, else wise risk doing damage to it and Gradution is a little bigger. Liked the R-20 Puni for the tightness of it and hope the anti-leak ring at the entrance would actually work well between rounds.

Was also looking at lubes and saw you rated Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion pretty well. I believe that's the same lube as 'Best Soup Japan' in this link and the image is from that page too http://www.amazon.com/ToysHeart-4526374159008-Best-Soup-Japan/dp/B005A0PEQ0/ref=pd_ybh_2 If it is, I'll be getting a bottle of that as well!

Any recommendations besides what I asked about works too! Got about 150$ limit though would like to stay a little below that if possible heh!

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