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ID: 50a83 No. 734

I would like to buy a onahole which is excellent in terms of durability, pleasure and tightness.After few days of research, set up eyes on this onaholes,Virgin Age ~ Admission, Virgin Age ~ Graduation and
Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux.Which one is more worth the money?[BTW I had owned Magic Eyes - Mouth Of Truth and Magic Eyes - Sujiman Kupa Lolinco]

ID: fd79c No.735

Seventeen Bordeaux is a solid choice, can't comment on Vrigin Age. What I can say about Seventeen is that at some point you may find that the inner canal does not tickle your penis like day 1. At this point I am pretty sure that has to do with excessive use of soap and such things, so in order to have long durability it is most important to be diligent with your cleaning so water suffices and give it free air/drainage and such.

tl;dr; Probably both good dura, but it mostly depends on the users handling.

ID: 02942 No.747

In my experience, the Seventeen Bordeaux is quite good, but not all that tight (I'm average size). Can't comment on Virgin Age though.

ID: ec8e4 No.749

I had Seventeen bordeux and still have Virgin age Admission, mouth of truth, and sujima kupa lolinco.

If I had to recommend for durability, pleasure, tightness, ease of cleaning, then Virgin age Admission wins for me. It's ridiculously durable and it's very very very easy to clean. It's really tight as well and grips hard and that's my personal preference.

Seventeen borteux felt good as well. It's say it's second place because it is quiet difficult to clean and it's two layers which ended up separating for me.

Lolinco felt great at first but the quality seemed to deteriorate after each cleaning. The entrance ripped despite how careful I used it and the inside is really different from day 1… Very fragile and didn't last long. Haven't used it in a while.

Mouth of truth is just different feel and somethings that should be expected when comparing to previous 3 mentioned.

If I were to re buy previously used onahole, I'd go with Virgin Age Admission for sure. Just my thoughts.

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