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/a/ - Does pleasure from onahole decrease after using it for around 1-2 week?
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As title said, I have 3D tenga pile. The first time i use it, it feels really great. But after a while (about 1-2 week) somehow it doesn't feel that good anymore.

So, I was wondering is it just me or onahole should be like that? Or maybe it is because handsoap that I use to clean onahole? Or is it because onahole isn't dry enough?

For Reference : http://www.lioncorp.com.sg/Kirei%20Kirei/kireikirei.html
The one I use to clean is "Kirei Kirei Moisturizing Peach"

ID: 958e6 No.737

I think it's like that. For me its even before, like 3-5 days and it doesn't feel as good anymore. And also after time onaholes in general don't feel as good, but that is after many many months or more than a year. Kinda sucks, but that's how it is, our dick get used to it pretty quickly, that's why we want other holes more and more.

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