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So now, after about a year of not buying any new onahole, I want to get another one. The reason why I didn't buy another one was because I didn't need to really… Virgin Age admission really lasted over a year with about 1-3X use per week. Still in great condition.

Now after buying about 5 onaholes I now know my preference a bit more. I prefer something that can be held in my hand without too big of a grip, has a solid feel when grabbing it, single layer, and extreme tightness to the point where I have to force it.

Basically, the preferences all point to Virgin Age Admission. I would like a new onahole that fits previously mentioned preferences. I would like some recommendations

ID: 02dbe No.751

Dual layer but pretty tight :) https://blog.onahole.eu/daisuki-hold.html

ID: 39dfc No.753


My concern with that one is jellyness from the pictures. Virgin age is firm and holding it at the edge will still hold the onahole straight. Kirino on the otherhand will bend. I would say Bordeux seventeen was in between but more on firm side.

I think that part was the reason why I didn't enjoy both Kirino and Ayase onaholes.

Daisuki Hold looks promising though.

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