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If I order from https://en-nls.com/ will the package contain any clues as to what is inside the box? The site has so much broken english I can't tell what they're saying most of the time.

Any that's ordered from them, are they discrete? I plan on ordering at least 3 or 4 different things at once

ID: 4a70e No.755

Yes it is discreet. When I receive my boxes it always says "Toys" or something to that effect. If people are really worried about this I was informed I could get a mail box at the post office in town for like $5 a month, and when your package arrives it gets put into the box and you just pick it up with your key. I'm in USA so I don't know how it works outside of this country

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pampa ram pampapa ram!

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In fact, you can ask them how to label the items. Some time ago, I ordered a doll with some accesories, and asked to be labeled as "Computer parts", they promptly typed it in the box invoice.

I live in mexico, and the merchandise arrived in about a month.

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