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SO I was looking at an onahole online and decided on an impulse to buy it without thinking it through. After I paid for it, I started looking around a bit deeper and can't find what material it's made from, or what will damage it, or if long term use will damage me for that matter. Has anyone used this one, and do you guys have any idea what it's made of. General all around info would be great.


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Oh my, the onahip made after Natsu no Himegoto, one of my fav 3D hentai. You HAVE to tell me how it feels ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Couldn't find info about the maker, it's not in the 30 first AmazonJP pages. Anyway.

From the looks of it and knowing almost all onaholes I ever had are made in it, I guess that this onahole is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This material doesn't endure much heat, so be careful when using an onahole warmer, and don't dry it with hair dryer. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. It can get slightly oily, that's normal. You can use corn starch powder to make the surface dry and smooth like a baby's skin.

Use only water based lubricant: no oils, no vaseline, probably no silicone lube. Clean and dry well after each use, this can be a bit difficult with large onaholes like this one: don't be shy to stick your fingers inside to make sure it's clean and dry deep. If there's water remaining, mold can grow over time. It's not a bad idea to use hydrogen peroxide from time to time to make sure there's no bacteria and stuff.

TPE is safe "unless proven otherwise", and in my experience I had only one physical issue with onaholes during my almost daily use for 4 years: https://blog.onahole.eu/onaholes-sometimes-a-risky-hobby.html
Maybe I get penis cancer in 30 years but I really doubt it ^^ Some makers like ToysHeat achieves medical-grade certifications for their onaholes.

Here's more to read: https://blog.onahole.eu/about

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Thanks for all the great info. I'm kinda working myself into a nervous wreck now though. I just realized that this package will have to go through customs. Like I said before I just bought it on a whim. Considering the box art, what do you think the possibilities of US customs confiscating it? To be honest I don't even really remember buying it. I had just had surgery and I bought it while I was on a heavy dose of oxycodone. Now that my mind is clearer, looking back I wouldn't have bought it just because of the issues that MAY occur because it's a loli themed onahole, real or not, going through customs… It just begging to be confiscated or cause problems. Anyone have issues with these types of onaholes going though customs in the past? Once you remove the box art, it's just another indistinguishable onahole, but I don't know very much about customs so I'm getting pretty nervous. Last thing I need is some kind of weird sex scandal.

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USA customs are usually painless about onaholes, you should have no problem :)

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It's still at the sorting facility in Chicago. Last time stamp was 9:45am on June 23rd. "processed through sort facility."

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Arrived today no issues whatsoever. Verdict: Still to come. Unfortunately at first inspection it's definitely not as pretty as the picture. Alot "rougher" around the edges, and smaller than I expected. Thanks for all your help, and I'll update after I use it which may be a few days from now.

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So how's it holding up?

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Haha, "still to come".

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