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I am looking for a realistic and tight onahole. Realistic feel and texture is my main criteria.

Could you suggest the best onahole that meets this criteria?

Thank you

ID: 28229 No.769

any onahole you might buy will rub your penis in a way you'd describe as realistic as in actually happening, the word you might be looking for is authentic.

t.2d-emporement activist

ID: 86de4 No.770

To me, the Gimmick onahole was pretty good. Virgin age is also great.

The only thing I can say that feel super super "real" is the mouth of truth. There are no vaginal or anal equivalents. The first time you use it, it's like "OH MY GOD. THIS IS ALMOST TOO REAL. WTF. HOW DID THEY DO THIS!?!?!"

Laying down the vaginal onaholes and using it missionary style makes them 10 times better because it makes the experience more real. It should stay in place with the friction on your bed.

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