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ID: cc431 No. 767

All right, It's time for another Patriotic review by the AMERICAN FAPPER, SEND IN THE EAGLES!

Double face is a unique onahole, but lemme cut straight to the chase - it has some pretty big flaws.
It's gimmick is a sort of split passageway, with a longer and smaller route from the same hole. Kind of like an ona with two holes. However, after about 3 uses, the smaller how broke - The material separating the smaller hole and the bigger hold gave way.

This unfortunately came about as a result of attempting to make use of the smaller hole in the way demonstrated by the box, which shows it stretching a quite bit - kind of like a tentacle bulge in Hentai. However, the material does not stretch properly (or perhaps I need a penis as hard as a geodude)

However, I want to state, I still really like it. I feel the giant booty it has really creates a nice effect smacking against your junk, adds another sensation. The hole itself has no suction, but a nice squeeze will provide a small clamp.
The hole I feel has a strong point in holding it so the ass is facing either away or towards you creates a different sensation.

If you plan on buying this for a stretchy gimmick - don't, that just doesn't work. If you plan on trying to use the smaller hole, try to be careful with it.
In addition, my penis unfortunately has a slight bend away from me. this made it difficult to actively decide which hole to enter, so if you have a similar issue, be warned, you may only be able to enter the smaller hole but flipping the ona a certain way.

I give it a 6 out of 10 for it's main gimmick failed me pretty hard. But I still really enjoy it.

Currently available from Amazon in the US for $35 and free shipping with prime!

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